10-Month-Old Stabbed To Death By Own Mother In QC

A father in Payatas, Quezon City, can’t help but to cry as he looked on her baby, who is now inside a coffin.

Baby Lyka was stabbed to death on Friday afternoon. What’s more hurting, is that the suspect was her own mother, who turned out only hallucinating because she was under a prohibited substance.

The mother, identified only as Paviera, admitted that she was under the influence of prohibited drug when she stabbed her baby. She said she regretted it and the first person to seek help from the local government enforcers.

“Opo, nakagamit po ako. Hindi ko na po alam na anak ko na po siya bandang huli. Ako na rin po yung sumuko; nanghingi ng saklolo sa baranggay,” said the mother in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

The Star interviewed Paviera where she claimed that she only found her daughter already wounded.

Witnesses testified that Paviera arrived home at about 5:30 p.m. Minutes later, she was heard screaming and cursing but fell silent after. Then, she came out of the house carrying her wounded daughter.

The neighbors helped her bring Baby Lyka to the nearest hospital.

The father, who use to collect scraps to be sold in junk shops, was out of the house when the incident happened. He said that as of the current, what he wanted is just protect his six children. However, he will also try to help his wife, who lost her life due to drugs.