10 Life Hacks That Make You a Better Writer

Don’t know how to make your text interesting to the reader? Think that working with texts isn’t for you? Check out these tips from planetofbrides.com to become a better writer. They’ll change your opinion.

1) Say what you’re going to write out loud

You need a “skeleton” on which you’ll build the whole body of your text. Yes, you need to write down a structure and some sub-headings first, but that’s not enough. To fully understand what you’re about to write, take the recorder and just say all the thoughts that you have out loud.

2) Write down the main thoughts on paper

When you’re just starting to write, cool ideas begin to pop up in your head. You open a Word file or a document in Google Drive and… the ideas are gone. While your head is full of ideas, quickly take paper and a pen and write down everything that comes to your mind. If there are no pens and paper, use the notes on your smartphone.

3) Find your own text style

Do you like reading “soulless” articles? These are texts created for search engines or to fill some space on the blog. The authors absolutely don’t care about the readers. Such articles are usually too official. You’ll never meet such language in real life. Your task is to make the text “alive.” To do this, imagine that there’s a person in front of you to whom you’re explaining the essence of your material. You’ll see that the language you’re using at this moment is very different from the one you use in your texts. And it’s cool! This is your style. You’re already becoming a better writer.

4) Make the text simple

Yes, everything that could be said about this is already said, but we’ll repeat it again because this is the most important criterion of quality material. Your content is good when the reader has a feeling of a personal conversation with you. Can a person feel this by reading your article with sentences in it stretched to 4-5 lines? Nope. Try to deliver your thoughts as simply as possible.

5) Add synonyms to the text

This is one of the best writer hacks. You can find 2-3 synonyms for almost any word. Use online dictionaries at first if you have difficulties. You won’t need them in the future.

6) Use quotes

Refer to specific sources if you quote someone. For example, many modern authors of famous expressions have social media accounts. You can put a link directly to them in your text.

You can also refer to authoritative resources in your niche. The audience loves the specifics. If you give an example of someone’s words, be sure to indicate where you heard or read them. By the way, many people like quotes from popular books.

7) Get to the essence of the material fast

You wrote a cool title, using all the previous writing hacks and worked well on your introduction. Now try to give the reader the essence of your material as soon as possible. If you get to the point too slow, the reader will lose interest.

8) Write as often as possible

This is the case when constant practice is the key to success. Yes, even with specific guides and tips, you may not be able to do it first. But it’s OK. No one is born with the talent of a cool copywriter or scriptwriter. It’s just an acquired skill. Write on different topics. Find what’s interesting to you.

9) Read as much as possible

Here are 3 reasons why you need to read a lot:

– You extend your vocabulary.

– You form the habit of writing correctly.

– You get new ideas.

But be careful when reading fiction, though. Such books are full of complex sentence structure and words. But again, it all depends on the type of your content.

10) Change your workplace

Used to work in the office and don’t feel any inspiration? Change the scenery. In a new place, the process really goes much faster. Try to work in a cafe with a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Now take these writing life hacks and go creating some unique material.