11 Men Arrested In Taguig Hotel Drug Bust

11 men, who are mostly professionals, were arrested after the operatives of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) raided a hotel in Taguig City on Sunday morning.

Carrying legal papers, the members of the PDEA entered a luxurious hotel in Bonifacio City, Taguig and went straight in a specific room where they immediately ordered the men inside to lay down.

Then, they started to search the room. They seized P1 million worth of GHB or liquid ecstasy and ecstasy.

The target of the operation is model Edmond Remegio and model-singer Pedro “Malik” Coronel Jr., both 33, who allegedly supply party drugs to celebrities and bar patrons at BGC.

The other arrested individuals are the following:

  • Manuel Valdes, 34, insurance agent
  • Jake Tolentino, 33, insurance processor
  • Jose Carlo Torres, 38, engineer
  • Mario Aclan, 27, makeup artist
  • Leo Angelo Padasan, 28
  • Jevel Lucero, 22, student
  • Carlo Kasala, 25, ophthalmologist
  • Legui Brylle Gonzales, 28
  • Bryan Dizon, 20, software developer

Aaron Aquino said the group is about to do a sex-and-drugs party when they were arrested. Shockingly, one of them is HIV positive.

Aquino said Remegio organized the party. The Latter, however, denied saying what happened was a frameup.

Aquino said this is a warning to wealthy people that they are not also exempted in the drug war of the current administration. He said even luxurious places will be soon be searched.

All are facing charges in relation to illegal drugs.