Who is AJ Ramos? Why is He Trending?

Last night the name Aj Ramos or the Hashtag “AJRamos” is trending in Twitter.

Why? What happened? Is he popular? Upon checking the hashtag, it came into my realization that a hammer is being pounded. Screen shot of his intimate moments with a woman was being posted. Yes, he has a scandal circulating around the internet.

Upon checking… Yes, indeed, he had some private videos that was leaked online. The scandal actually has two parts. The first one has 16 minutes while the other one has seven minutes.

Unfortunately for the two, the videos spread like wild fire in the internet. There are people who are brave enough to post the videos via their individual Facebook accounts while some are commenting links pointing to streaming of download of the video.

As an affiliate marketer, who have spent his life in the internet, I just wanted to make you guys aware that there are now some phishing sites, scam sites and virus equipped landing pages using this trend. Be aware when you click links, you’ll never know what would happened. Or hence, don’t try to download.

Also, please stop spreading the videos. Stop the bullying!

To AJ and his partner (I won’t name her), be strong. We can’t easily stop people from sharing the videos, but you guys can easily pass this bump. Hold into your loved ones, they are the only people you can count on. Hold into the man from above. You can also ask for the help from the authorities for culprit of this crime for him, or her, to be punished.