Aircraft Technician Electrocuted Inside Aviation School

An aircraft technician was found dead inside the comfort room of an aviation school in Binalonan, Pangasinan on June 5.

Mark Sheen Pingkian, 20, and a resident of Batac City, Iloilo, was found dead inside the comfort room of WCC by two of his colleagues. It was only his fifth day of work.

Chief Inspector Lovell Dalisay said Pingkian died of electrocution caused by the shower nozzle. In an investigation, a colleague first tried to use the said shower and felt the shock when he touched it. He prompted not to use it.

“Ang initial investigation po namin is alleged electrocution dahil may witness po tayo na [sinabi] nakalabit niya ‘yung shower, ‘yung nozzle, naramdaman niya na may ground, may electric current kaya hindi na niya ginamit ‘yung shower,” said Dalisay.

The investigators found no foul play in the incident but the body will still undergo an autopsy. The school has reached out to the family and gave assistance.