Aegis Juris Founder Vows Fairness In Horacio Castillo Case

One of the founders of the fraternity Aegis Juris said there will be no cover-up in the investigation of the authorities in the case of Horacio Castillo III.

Horacio “Atio” Castillo III is the freshman law student of the University of Sto. Thomas who died because of hazing during the initiation of the said fraternity.

Attorney Paterno Esmaquel, one the founders, who also serves as the legal counsel of John Paul Solano, said his client will submit the names of the members who were involved in Castillo’s death.

Solano is the member who brought Atio in the Chinese General Hospital where he was declared dead. He claimed that he was only called by the members of the frat to check the victim.

Solano, a registered medical technologist, surrendered to the authorities last week.

Esmaquel said he was shocked upon knowing that a neophyte died during the initiation. He also noted that when Solano asked him if they will cover-up, he said they will tell the truth.

“Sabi ko, no. Let the axe fall where it should fall… I encouraged him to tell the truth and nothing but the truth,” said Solano.

Esmaquel said his team has already prepared the affidavit and they will include names.