Andi Eigenmann Says Jake Ejercito Is The Father Of Her Daughte

Actress Andi Eigenmann said her former lover, Jake Ejercito should be considered the father of her daughter, Ellie.

“Si Jake (Ejercito) yung nandiyan since the beginning and he loves my daughter like his own,” said Eignemann when asked about the identity of the father. “When I was pregnant, Jake was there for me. He took care of us, so he’s the father. That’s my point lang… I mean, its as simple as that.”

Last August, Albie Casino, who is at the press conference for the series “On The Wings of Love,” said he was relieved when the DNa test showed that he isn’t the father.

Eigenmann however noted that “there was never a DNA test” noting that she never asked anything from him or his family.

She also noted that if you are not the father, you shouldn’t just publicize it.

“It is very painful, I mean, I know, you’re not the father, oo nga, pero bakit kailangan mong sabihin yon? Kawawa naman yung anak ko, hindi ba?” said Eigenmann.

When asked if she will soon identify the father of Ellie she said: “Why is it important? It’s none of anybody’s business, but mine and my family.”

Eigenmann and Ejercito broke up last year. She said she considers him as her “first love” and it will never be easy to get over it.