9-Year-Old Indian Girl Weighs 203 Lbs

Meet Suman Khatun, the world’s fattest kid.

Only Nine-years-yld and measuring three feet and five inches, Suman already weighs 203 pounds, which is five times more than her weight should be. According to rush.edu, 203 pounds already is already the weight of an almost normal seven footer adult.

Captured on film, Suman can consume 14 kilos of rice, eight kilos of potatoes, eight kilos of fish and 180 bananas in a week. That’s almost an average family composed of eight average members can consume.

Because of her weight Suman found hard time waking up and doing simple things like walking and running.

“All my friends are thin, I’m fat,” Khatun said. “I have problems in standing, sitting, sleeping, playing and running with my friends.”

Despite of being worried about her situation, the parents of Suman noted that they are “powerless” in controlling the insatiable appetite of their daughter.

“I am very concerned about her future, as my other kids are normal,” say Suman’s mother, Beli Bibi. “It’s painful.”

The doctor who examined her noted of her hyperthyroidism. Her stool, pee and blood should also be examined to a larger hospital for. The doctor also warned the parents that she needs to controlled as obesity may lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

According to World Record Academy, Suman was the Guiness World Fattest Girl and hold the record when she was six-years-old.