78 MMDA Crew Member Positive To Drug Test

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) confirmed on Monday that at least 78 members of its crew tested positive to drug tests.

MMDA Towing and Impounding chief Victor Nuñez, the crew members failed the drug tests that were conducted from May 2015 to January 2016.

Most of those who tested positive, used Methamphetamine or shabu. Their contract with the agency were terminated.

Towing Companies Suspended

Nuñez also noted that in 2015 about 10 towing companies were suspended by the agency because of questionable activities against them and their employees.

MMDA is also set to conduct drug tests to 270 crews and staff of towing companies who render service to the government agencies. The agency is also set to conduct trainings and seminars in order to provide information and avoid illegal activities.

“Marami na ho kasi talagang complaints. Tambak na tambak na talaga yung mga reklamo sa amin. Lalung-lalo na yung mga nasa social media. One way para talagang maturuan namin yung mga towing companies na madisiplina into illegal activities eh magkaroon ng seminar, drug testing,” said Nuñez.