340-Year-Old Cheese Found Inside Shipwreck

Divers explored the Kronan shripwreck found gold coins, diamond rings and other prized materials that could sell millions.

However, there is this one thing that amazed the researchers — the 340-year-old cheese.

The divers discovered the odorous material inside a black tin jar one the seabed. They described it smelling like cheese and yeast. It’s been perfectly preserved because it was lodged in the mud.

“It’s a pretty good guess that it’s some kind of dairy product, and we think it is cheese,” said researcher Lars Einarsson of the Kalmar County Museum, The Local reported.

“It looks a bit like some kind of granular Roquefort cheese. It’s been in the mud, so it’s reasonably well preserved, but at the same time it has been at the bottom of the sea for 340 years — we’re not talking Tutankhamun’s burial chamber,” Kalmar added.

Researchers found lots of information from the wreck after they found 20,000 items, including brain tissue. The cheese might provide more information about what life was like on the ship in the 17th century.

Kronan was built in 1668 by Francis Sheldon. This 53 meters long and 14 meters wide ship features 126 guns and was used during the battle against a Danish-Dutch fleet in 1676. However, it exploded and quickly sank killing more than 700 men.

The cause of explosion remained a mystery.