33-Pound Turnip Grown In China

A Chinese farmer just harvested a huge turnip that can be considered as one of the largest in the world.

ImageChina showed the pictures of the man identified as “Mr. Li” and his huge turnip, according to People.com.cn. The pictures showed its obvious size.

According to Mr. Li, he never used any fertilizer. He was also shocked with the appearance of the root crop just like anyone else.

Mr. Li also added that he only pick random seeds from the local market and will plant them the way he knew. He just water them everyday like any other backyard farmers do.

The turnip was reportedly 33 pounds in weight and is four feet long.

An average turnip usually weighs from two to eight ounces, according to Nutrition and You, meaning the turnip that Mr. Li grew is quite enormous and probably can feed at least a family.

When asked about his secrets in having such enormous yield, Mr. Li said: “The most important elements for big radish is good quality fertilizer, good soil and not to grow them tightly together and plenty of water.”

The current holder of the heaviest turnip are Scott and Amrdie Robb who presented it at the Alaska State Fair in 2004. It was a Mammoth Purple Top that weighs 39 pounds.