2 Men In Spain Skip Work For 15 Years Without Getting Noticed

Two men from Southern Spain skipped work 15 years ago but their bosses didn’t even notice.

The driver and gardener of a local government agency has not returned to work from 2001 but still are getting pay checks.

“Two representatives of the General Confederation of Labor Union (CGT) could have gone years without coming to work,” Jerez de la Fontera town hall said in a statement posted to its website on Wednesday.

“According to a written statement by men themselves, could date back 15 years,” it added.

The officials initially discovered that the two had not come to work from January 2015 to May 2016. Later, it was found out that they had not reported from work 15 years ago.

One of the men returned to work. Both face disciplinary proceedings. It has been unclear if the men will be facing any punishment.

The revelation came five months after a building supervisor in Cadiz turned out not reporting for work for six years. He was caught out after getting an award for two decades of service.