15 Iloilo Students Possessed By Bad Spirits?

At least 15 high school students were believed to have been possessed by bad spirit in Iloilo City.

According to reports, several students from Cambitu National High School suddenly berserk. Some of them sustained injuries while some passed out.

The most recent incident was on Tuesday.

According to one of the security guards, bad spirits started to attack the students after the covered gym was finished.

The officials of the school moved to suspend the classes and opted to seek religious help. The injured students were brought to the hospital and the classes will resume once they got out.

Panic Attacks

Meanwhile, Dr. Sally Ticao of the Oton Municipal Health Office, said the students suffered from panic attacks resulting to mass hysteria. She also noted that they suffered from hypoglycemia and dehydration.

She advised the faculty and parents to temporarily separate the students to prevents the attacks to happen again. For the students, she advised them not to forget having breakfast before going to school.