Catholic Church Issues Warning Against Satanic Rosaries, Religious Items

The Catholic church is warning its members against the satanic religious items that have reached the Philippines.

Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) chief exorcist Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi said there are rosaries being distributed by Satanists in order to haunt those faithful.

“These were made not only to be simply given away but to deceive Catholics…so that evil spirits will haunt them,” said Legaspi.

Legaspi noted that these things were cursed and are consecrated to evil so that evil spirits will follow them.

Diocese of Novaliches Libera Nox case officer Philippe De Guzman said these things have odd symbols that are not visible to the naked eye. In example is a rosary that is made of plastic where there is a snake wrapped around the cross, a pentagram, and a sun with rays which is an insignia of the Illuminati.

There are also some medallions that look like the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal except that the insignia of a Masons – a compass is placed at the bottom.

Fr. Legaspi then called on the Catholic priests to carefully bless the member’s religious items.

“Not just a blessing, these items should be exorcised. Not just an ordinary blessing where water is just sprinkled–as most priests commonly do–but to use the Catholic ritual…that would frighten the demon away,” Legaspi said.

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