Authorities Determine Poison In Milk Tea Tragedy

The Philippine National Police (PNP) crime laboratory have determined the chemical that took lives in what-is-dubbed as Milk Tea Tragedy.

The finding submitted by the PNP noted that the Oxalic Acid killed a customer and owner, in the incident that happened last month.

According to Medline Plus oxalic acid is a color-less substance that are found in anti-rust products, bleaches, metal cleaners and rhubarb leaves. The article also said that if someone swallowed it, emergency should be immediately called.

Cases Filed

The Manila Police District (MPD) have filed murder and frustrated murder against Lloyd Abrigo, the son of the owner, William Abrigo, who also died in the incident.

Investigation and witnesses testimonies revealed that Lloyd brought the substance the night before the incident. CCTV footage showed that Lloyd with the store personnel went back to the store, which is the same William is fighting for his life.

Adela Abrigo, the registered owner of ErgoCha Milk Tea Shop in Sampaloc, said she was surprised that the MPD singled Lloyd out of the incident questioning why they didn’t file any charges against the store personnel.

Bendicto Buenaventura, the legal counsel of Adela lambasted the case saying there saying the evidences were not enough.

“What evidence do they have in this case? The question here is who put the poison in the solution? Did the security camera footage show Lloyd actually putting the chemical in the milk tea solution? Why don’t they investigate the helper as well because he was at the shop all the time?” Buenaventura said.

Lloyd Denies

Lloyd along with Adela held a press conference where the 23-year-old denied having hand in the tragedy. He maintained that he only brewed oolong tea at the shop the night before the incident happened.

He admitted that he returned to the shop upon learning what happened. He however insisted that he only cleaned the pitcher using a tap water and threw the wastewater outside the shop since the sink was clogged.

Last month, lovers Suzaine Dagohoy and Arnold Aydalla went to the market to buy stocks. They got thirsty and decided to buy Hokkaido Milk Tea in the said establishment. Aydalla tasted sour flavor and returned his order, which prompted Dagohoy to sip her tea, which she returned as well.

Aydalla spat and when he came back, Dagohoy is already on the floor. He helped her out, but he fell as well. Worried, Mr. William also took a sip. He also fell unconscious.

Dagohoy and William died. Aydalla spent several days at the hospital before the doctors cleared him.

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