600 students expelled for mass cheating incident in India

Cheating during examinations is always there, it’s a part of students’ life. However, to the extent of widespread with parents helping their children to cheat is far beyond our imaginations.

Despite it’s far beyond, it just happened.

State school officials of Bihar in India decided to expel at least 600 students after videos of photos of extreme cheating was covered by the media. Students, parents and friends of students climbing at the wall of the school passing notes to help students with the hard exam.

Some pictures also showed that teacher and other supervising officials were not doing anything to stop the passing of cheat sheets. Later, school administrators stated that it is impossible to stop them.

“It’s virtually impossible to conduct fair examinations without the cooperation of parents,” said Education Minister P.K. Shani, who also refused to take blame for what happened.

“Government can only hold fair examinations with the help of the parents, society and the children. This is a collective responsibility,” Shani added.

He also admitted that despite they have police around, it’s quite hard to monitor six million relatives accompanying students to the hall.

More than 1.4 million 10th graders are sitting for the test across the country. They must have to pass the hard and time-pressured examination in order for them to continue with their education.

For developing countries like India, education is one of the priced benefit.

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