250-Year-Old Sex Toy Found In Polish Swordsmen Training Area

A 250-year-old sex toy was unearthed during an excavation at an old school of swordmanship in Poland.

The sex toy, which is about eight inches in size, was made of leather with a wooden head. It was discovered in the toilet during an excavation at an ancient school of swordmanship in the city of Gdansk, the Regional Office for Protection of Monuments in the area.

“It was found in the latrine and dates back to the second half of the 18th century,” said the spokesperson of the Regional Office.

“It is quite thick and rather large, made of leather and filled with bristles, and has a wooden tip that has preserved in excellent condition. It was probably dropped by someone in the toilet,” the spokesperson added.

The artifact is now being preserved and will be soon brought to museums.

Earlier archaeologists discovered some old swords that made them suspect that the place was once a school for swordmanship.

Dildos, phalluses and other organ manipulating organs might have existed thousands of years ago. One of the oldest sex toy ever found was a phallus that was recently excavated in Germany, which was estimated 28,000-year-old.

Early phalluses were reported to be made of wood, stones, leather and even camel dung.

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