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Philippines Daily | February 25, 2018

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Yale Scientists Successfully Grow Bald Man’s Hair Using Arthritis Drug

Yale Scientists Successfully Grow Bald Man’s Hair Using Arthritis Drug

| On 21, Jun 2014

A group of scientists from Yale University have successfully used an arthritis drug to to regrow the hair of a man from head to foot.

Researcher administered the drug called tofacitinib citrate to a 25-year-old man who is suffering from the autoimmune baldness disease called alopecia universalis. Within eight months the man regrown hair in his scalp and face he never had for seven years.

“The results are excatly we hoped for,” said Dr. Brett A. King, the senior author of the report published in Journal of Investigative Dermatology. “This is a huge step forward in the treatment of patients with this condition.”

The scientists believed that the drug, which was manufactured by Pfizer under the brand name Xeljanz can cure the man’s alopecia and plaque psoriasis. The drug is already approved by the FDA for the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis.

Fully grown hair

The drug have successfully treated psoriasis in people and alopecia in mice.

The patient took 10mg of the drug per day for two months followed by 15 mg per day for another three months and the results were great. Photos showing the man has little by little developed hair on his scalp, formed eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair.

King noted the drug seemed to have protected the hair follicles that is usually attacked by the immune system in people suffering from alopecia. The report also noted that the patient reported and showed no signs of side effect, which was proven in laboratory testings.

“By eight months there was full regrowth hair,” said co-author Brittany G. Craiglow, M.D. “The patient has reported feeling no side effects, and we’ve seen no lab test abnormalities.”


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