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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Xian Gaza Answers 'Scammer' Allegations

Xian Gaza Answers ‘Scammer’ Allegations

| On 05, Jul 2017

Businessman Xian Gaza made rounds online because of the billboard he rented just to ask Erich Gonzales for a coffee.

Xian is also the guy who posted pictures of his Louis Vuitton bags, noting that he was forced to bring them out because a networker bragged.

Rad: This Man Was Triggered To Boast By A Networker Who Showed Him Off

Because Xian went viral, many started to state claims of scamming. The Haiyan Shirt Project, concert producing, car deals and much more are among the claims. He is also accused of stalking Ella Cruz.

Gaza admitted that he spearheaded the Haiyan Shirt Project noting that shelled out P300,000. However, the project didn’t push through because the funding promised didn’t come. He said he took all the embarrassment and burden of the shelved project.

He also admitted receiving P200,000 from Ryan Salcedo Tañada as a down payment for an event in Qatar. He used it to fill in a backlog of Gazera Company, which he built with Walter De Vera. He later stopped pursuing the project because he was financially bleeding. They separated with no formal closure.

The claimed Toyota Fortuner scam, Gaza said he came up with the deal of buying the car for P650,000 for two gives because he wanted to impress them. He decided to end the deal and pay P50,000 for the damages. He did it because he found out that the unit is only P500,000 to P550,000.

The Haiyan Shirt Project was a legitimate project that I spearheaded last 2015 in Quezon City and Davao City. It didn’t…

Posted by Xian S. Gaza on Tuesday, July 4, 2017


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