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Philippines Daily | January 21, 2018

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'Wowowin' Contestant Asks Girlfriend To Marry Him

‘Wowowin’ Contestant Asks Girlfriend To Marry Him

| On 04, Jan 2017

On January 2, the studio of the “Wowowin” was filled with love after one of its contestants held a marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

George, a contestant of the segment “Willie of Fortune,” first introduced his mother and told the world how much he loved her. Then, Willie Revillame asked him if he brought another company. He introduced his girlfriend, Peng.

Teng recalled that she and George met each other when he transferred to their school. During their college years, he used to text her. She at first doesn’t doesn’t want to entertain him because she wanted to finish her studies. However, because of his persistence, she gave in. They dated in their senior years in college.

Then, George reminded everyone that falling in love is such a sweet thing.

“Be, nagpapasalamat ako┬áng marami at naging parte ka ng buhay ko… at naging parte din ako ng buhay mo. Pinagdarasal ko na sana pagtibayin pa ng panginoon ang pagsasama natin, pagmamahalan natin. At sana ay maging mahaba, matagal ang pagmamahalan natin,” said George.

And then, he asked for Willie’s permission…

“Naging masaya ako sa iyo. Naging masaya ka sa akin. Sana, magtagal tayo at maging parte ka ng buhay ko sa habang panahon… Forever.”

Speechless, Teng said yes.


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