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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Wok Gets Stuck in a Python's Stomach

Wok Gets Stuck in a Python’s Stomach

| On 20, May 2014

The photo of a python with a wok stuck in its stomach has gone viral in Twitter and many are wondering if it is real.

Pythons are known to swallow their prey whole and can consume animals twice their size by dislocating their jaw. But these reptiles struggle with stuffs they can not digest such as objects made of metal like the large wok in the picture.


If this photo is real, vets will surely have a big problem on their hands.

The Thai site Kapook says the photo is actually a sculpture of a python eating a turtle.

Several people have posted funny remarks on the photo. A person tweeted, “Sorry teacher but a python ate my home wok!” There are also puns like “wok of shame” “wok the hell’ and ” guess someone wanted to take their python for a wok”.

Fake or real, don’t forget that there were accounts of pythons having interesting meals in the past.


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