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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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Wil Dasovich Finishes Chemo

Wil Dasovich Finishes Chemo

| On 09, Jan 2018

“I’m going to live,” said vlogger Wil Dasovich after learning that his cancer vanished after undergoing a chemo.

In a video, Wil recalled the moment he entered the hospital. He said he asked the doctors to tell him straight to his face. It turned out that things went his way.

“When I walked in, I was like, ‘Just give me the news. I hate the whole anticipation thing.’ And he was just like, ‘It’s gone, everything’s gone.’ And I just, like, shouted it out, ‘I’m going to live!” said Wil.

Wil also shared the moments with his father, shortly after his chemo was terminated on its ninth cycle.

“I’m not allergic to cold, I don’t have that tingly sensation. I can finally eat room-temperature food and [drink] room-temperature water. Basically, the cold is like electricity. It’s the weirdest sensation ever,” Wil said.

Though quite optimistic, Wil said he’s always ready for the worse things.

“I got into a really different type of state of mind. I’ve been positive throughout this whole experience, and once that happened, it was the first time I highly considered the end, and all these negative thoughts,” Wil said.


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