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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Waze: Ph Is The Worst Place To Drive In

Waze: Ph Is The Worst Place To Drive In

| On 24, Nov 2017

Community-based traffic app Waze agreed with most of the Filipinos that the country is one of the most dissatisfying places to drive in.

The Philippines scored 3.0 in the survey conducted by Waze, which is the lowest in the entire world.

The survey, which is in its third year, asked 90 million users from 39 countries and 217 metros. The respondents can score on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 as the least satisfying.

The respondents were guided by the key factors:

  1. Traffic: density and severity of traffic
  2. Quality: road quality and infrastructure
  3. Road Safety: density of reported accidents, road hazards, and weather
  4. Driver Services: access to gas stations and easy parking
  5. Socioeconomic: access to cars and impact of gas prices
  6. Wazeyness: happiness and helpfulness of the Waze Community

In the bottom, Philippines is with Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Indonesia, and Russia.

Netherlands is the best place for drivers with 7.9 score. It was followed by the last year’s champion, France and then, the United States.


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