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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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Viva Entertainment Releases The Trailer "The Barker" Starring Empoy Marquez

Viva Entertainment Releases The Trailer “The Barker” Starring Empoy Marquez

| On 17, Oct 2017

The Viva Entertainment just released the romantic-comedy-action film starring Empoy Marquez.

“The Baker” features the life of Coco (Empoy Marquez), a jeepney barker, who fell in love with Bela (Shy Carlos), a member of a rich family.

They are deeply in love and don’t care about everything else. However, her family doesn’t agree with the relationship. At one point of the trailer, it showed that the father of Bela was warning Coco about seeing her. He said he doesn’t deserve her.

Then, his family, which includes Bela, was kidnapped. Coco volunteered in bringing the ransom. He fought the kidnappers as if he is a kungfu master.

“The Baker” is the movie that follows the breakthrough of Empoy. This is after the unexpected soaring success of the romantic-comedy film “Kita Kita” along with Alessandra de Rossi.

This earned P320 million, that broke the record set by “Heneral Luna” for the top-grossing independent film in the country.

“The Baker” is also the first directorial job for comedian Dennis Padilla.


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