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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Viral Video: Kim Chiu's First Snow Experience

Viral Video: Kim Chiu’s First Snow Experience
Kim Chiu enjoy the snow. Chiu's Instagram

| On 31, Oct 2014

Actress Kim Chiu drew laughter in the internet after she posted several videos of her first-ever snowfall experience.

Chiu, who is currently in Canadao for ABS-CBN tour and a personal vacation after her soap “Ikaw Lamang” ended, posted videos showing everybody that she is quite happy with her first snow fall.

The first video, which was uploaded via the actress’ Instagram account, showed Chiu running – in a slow motion – while the song “Let It Go” by Demi Lovato served as background music.

A video posted by Kim chiu (@chinitaprincess) on

The second video showed Chiu repetitively saying “Oh My Gosh” while the snow falls. The video summarizes that she can’t believe that it the snow is actually falling.

A video posted by Kim chiu (@chinitaprincess) on

Another video showed the 24-year-old actress enjoying the snow outside and wrote the word “KIM” on a car that is covered with snow.

A video posted by Kim chiu (@chinitaprincess) on


Chiu posted another view the day after. This showed her using a mono pad in order to get a wider angle to feature her companion. The video has partitions showing different angles.

its a beautiful day!!!

A video posted by Kim chiu (@chinitaprincess) on


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