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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Viral Video: Anne Curtis' Babies

Viral Video: Anne Curtis’ Babies

| On 14, Oct 2014

A video featuirng Anne Curtis introducing her dearest babies to the world is now going viral.

The Youtube video entitled “Anne’s Pets: Mogwai the Cat, Bella The Tea Cup Chihuahua, Princess the Yorkie and Birdy the Bird” by the official Youtube Channel of Anne Curtis features the multimedia sweetheart showing her two dogs, a cat and a bird.

Princess, the eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier was described by Curtis as “big sweetheart” and a dog who loves to cuddle and┬ávery affectionate.


Bella, the teacup Chihuahua is already seven years old. Curtis said she is just like any other dig that loves to be petted. Bella and Princess were buddies for seven years now.

Bella Chiuaua

Birdy, the yellow canary, was a gift from her co-host Kim “Kuya Kim” Atienza. Curtis said, he is such a precious pet as he gorgeously sings every morning that use to give her some boost.


Mogwai the cat was the latest addition to Anne’s kids; she is an exotic shorthair cat. Curtis found obsession about this cat breed when she stumbled with the account of Snoopy, a cat of the same breed.


Curtis said Mogwai was quite obsessed with Birdy as of the moment, but clarified that there is no war between them.

Curtis said having animals at home is a great thing, because they use to be as her stress relievers even after long days of work. She added that “I don’t think a human being could ever explain or could ever get how much animals love you.”

As a father to two labrador retrievers, I know the feelings of considering your pets as your family. Some people may find us overacting, but for us, none level the love our pets can give us.


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