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Philippines Daily | February 23, 2018

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This PH Tourism Ad Costs Only $100

This PH Tourism Ad Costs Only $100

| On 20, Jun 2017

Advertising is not for low-budgeted companies. Let’s admit the fact that you will have to spend thousands of dollars for a few minutes.

The government spends millions of dollars for tourism advertisement. Some of those that come out are impressive. However, there were some that are not appealing, which we can say a waste of people’s money.

Nas Daily, an internet sensation who is known for making one minute video that only costs $100, made an advertisement for the Philippines.

“I have (been to the Philippines) and the only thing I saw was love. They will love partying with you, hosting you and feeding you. They will love showing you around their mountains, their beaches and their cities,” said Nas.

His video about Philippine focused on “love.”


I am always amazed by how much money is wasted in the media business. Governments spend millions of dollars to make simple videos while agencies take a huge cut of that. Why?

When it’s not your own money, it’s so easy to spend it the wrong way. And in countries where every dollar is needed, that becomes wasteful.

So I tried to take a swing at making a tourism video for the Philippines for $100. If tourism departments are interested in exposure – and not cinematography and actors – then this should do the job.

Some of the best videos are the simplest.

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Posted by Nas Daily on Saturday, June 17, 2017


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