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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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This Choc-O Is Rotten

This Choc-O Is Rotten

| On 07, Jul 2017

Teacher Marie Abbie NeritĀ uploaded pictures and a video as a warning to parents to be careful of what is being put into children’s lunch boxes.

During recess time, one of her students went to her noting that the Choc-O she drank had an unusual taste.

She took it and checked it herself. It was indeed disgusting. So, she made a video to show that it was also coagulated.

Share LNG for u to be aware.
Hi guys, I just want to warn u about this, lalo na po mga mahilig magpabaon sa mga anak…

Posted by Maria Abbie Nerit onĀ Friday, June 30, 2017

The Philippines Daily would not want to interfere with the investigation process of Zest-O Corporation, the company behind Choc-O. However, such things used to happen due to mishandling of the product resulting to damaged packaging. One that way, air and bacteria are able to enter, thus causing the product to rot.


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