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Philippines Daily | November 24, 2017

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This Boy's Legs Were Devoured By These Tiny Creatures

This Boy’s Legs Were Devoured By These Tiny Creatures

| On 15, Aug 2017

Dipping and cruising along the shore while breathing the freshest air is definitely one of the best ways to de-stress yourself.

Sam Kanizay, a football player, wanted some refreshments and opted to have some dip into the Brighton Beach in Melbourne. Suddenly, he felt something abnormal that forced him to stay out of the water. He was surprised that his feet were covered with blood.

He wasn’t able to feel because his legs were numbed by the cold water.

He went back to their house and called his father, Jarrod. The man of the house decided to bring his son to the hospital.

The hospital people can’t explain the cause of what happened. So Jarrod tried to find a way.

Jarrod went back to the beach carrying a chunk of meat and soaked in a net overnight. When he came back, it was all gone. He shared that mite-sized creatures turned red probably because of the blood they ingested.

Marine biologists called them sea fleas but can’t explain why are they consuming meat.


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