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Philippines Daily | November 22, 2017

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The Teams For 'Its Showtime' Magpasikat 2017 Has Been Revealed

The Teams For ‘Its Showtime’ Magpasikat 2017 Has Been Revealed

| On 02, Oct 2017

Noon-time show “It’s Showtime” has this tradition of having the hosts to perform every year to celebrate its anniversary.

“Magpasikat” features the hosts performing in front of the live studio audience and will be judged by a group of special guests. For the past seven years, the hosts didn’t fail to impress not just the audience members but the people at home.

For the 8th year, the “Magpasikat” teams were revealed. Main hosts Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, and Karylle will the team leaders.Their members are as follows:

Team Billy (Monday):

  • Tyang Amy Perez
  • Hashtag Zeus
  • Hashtag Paulo
  • Hashtag Rayt
  • Girltrend Kamille
  • Girltrend Maika
  • Girltrend Sammie
  • Girltrend Jessica

Team Vice (Tuesday):

  • Jhugs and Teddy
  • Hashtag Ronnie
  • Hashtag Ryle
  • Hashtag CK
  • Hashtag Luke
  • Girltrend Mika
  • Girltrend Krissha

  Team Anne (Wednesday):

  • Ryan Bang
  • Hashtag Jameson
  • Hashtag Jimboy
  • Hashtag Vitto
  • Hashtag Franco
  • Girltrend Chienna
  • Girltrend Kelley

Team Vhong (Thursday):

  • Tsong Joey
  • Hashtag Nikko
  • Hashtag Tom
  • Hashtag Bugoy
  • Hashtag Kid
  • Girltrend Erin
  • Girltrend Joana

Team Karylle (Friday):

  • Jhong Hilario
  • Hashtag Mccoy
  • Hashtag Jon
  • Hashtag Wilbert
  • Hashtag Maru
  • Girltrend Dawn
  • Girltrend Mikee

Last year, the team of Anne along with Tyang Amy and Tsong Joey won. She performed a death-defying building stunt.


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