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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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The Philippines Just Built The World's Largest Vessel

The Philippines Just Built The World’s Largest Vessel

| On 26, Jan 2018

The Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction-Philippines just built the largest shipping vessel in the world.

20,600 TEU class vessel was created in cooperation with the South Korean company and the Philippines. It was built in the company’s 326-hectare Subic shipyard and lies in the coastal and mountainous areas of Redondo Peninsula.

The ship measures 400 meters long, 59 meters wide, and 33 meters deep. It has a deck that is so wide, it can house up to four football fields. It can transport up to 29,950 units of 40-foot shipping containers that when lined up would reach 12.5 kilometers long.

Jo Yoo-Hoan, managing director and naval architect at Hanjin Heavy, can’t help but show appreciation to the Filipino ship makers.

“We’re very proud of it, with the Philippine workers and the staff, very proud of them. They are so organized, so kind, and so skillful. Wonderful, you know, workers. Our relationship between Korea and Philippines is fantastic,” Jo said.

After it was sent to the sea from December 29, 2017 to January 2, 2018, the ship will be soon delivered to its new owner, the CMA CGM, a French shipping company.


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