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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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Teenage Girl Saves Family's Bakery With A Single Tweet

Teenage Girl Saves Family’s Bakery With A Single Tweet

| On 16, Dec 2017

A girl, who is only a senior high school, saved her family’s bakery business with just a tweet.

Jackie Garza, 18, has proven that the social media can be used positively and its power is way superior.

Two years ago, the Garza family opened the La Casa Bakery and Cafe in Houston. Things went well but after Hurricane Harvey hit the state, the sales turned sour. The father came into an option of selling it. Actually, he already has an offer.

Jackie asked her parents not to stop. She then took a video of him while making bread and posted ut on her Twitter account. She said to the social media user that a retweet can help them attract potential customers.

“Hey yall my dad has a little panaderia/restaurant. He makes all of the pan dulce himself. He been thinking about closing but I cant let that happen, spred the word 1 rt could bring in a potential customer,” said Jackie.

The business again boomed! La Casa Bakery, on its Twitter account, uploaded a photo showing empty trays and said: “Twitter did that.”


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