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Philippines Daily | January 24, 2018

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SNPS Dishonors CA Order, Mallari Fails To Get GMC

SNPS Dishonors CA Order, Mallari Fails To Get GMC

| On 30, Jul 2015

After the court of appeals issued an order to the Sto. Nino Parochial School (SNPS) to release the good moral character of Krisel Mallari, we thought there’s happy ending.

Mallari is the salutatorian of SNPS, whose speech was interrupted by the school  after she vented her frustration about the “lack of fairness” in coming up with the valedictorian.

The SNPS has since held the GMC of Mallari, which prompted her to file several petitions to court. After rejections of the court, the CA finally released an order for the school to immediately release the said certificate, which is a requirement for incoming freshmen of UST.

The fight has yet to end — the SNPS still didn’t release the GMC.

Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief Persida Rueda Acosta said she and Mallari waited for 30 minutes but they failed in retrieving it.

Acosta said the school argued that it has yet to receive the order from CA. However, she said the CA’s server says the school already received it.

Acosta said the camp of Mallari will file a motion to cite the SNPS officials in contempt.

On July 29, the CA released an eight-page order for the SNPS to release the GMC of Mallari. The court noted that despite it agreed with sanctioning teens for their transgressions, it shouldn’t be to a point of halting their future.

“Krisel, just like any other child, commits transgressions and therefore, must be disciplined. However, the manner by which she disciplined should not go to the extent of spoiling or destroying her dreams and aspirations,” a part of the order said.


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