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Philippines Daily | January 18, 2018

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Sitti Navarro is now Engaged

Sitti Navarro is now Engaged

| On 03, Jul 2014

Bossa Nova star Sitti Navarro revealed that she is now engaged with her non-showbiz boyfriend.

Via her Instagram account, Navarro her hand with an engagement ring.

“Little red box hiding under cover What have you for me Speak your truth to me Little red box sneaking in the corner Fancy me a peek at the promise inside? Sweet little girl with the once broken heart You were made precious by His love Ruby red prayers whispered then, answered Fancy me a peek at your soul inside? The hand that holds the little red box Is the hand you will hold forever Entwined, enshrined, body and soul alive You are his forever He is your forever Little red box opened, begotten A sunrise of colors tumble through Words aren’t needed when silent tears glisten The glorious ordinary, nothing fancy, all true – I cannot wait to love you even more than I already do.#joeyandsittiforever So happy… I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. Aaaaah!!!! I’m engaged!!!!”

Navarro also shared the same photo via her Twitter account.

The latest Instagram post of Navarro was her picture along with her soon-to-be husband – without showing their faces – while kissing her on her┬áhead.


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