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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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See How A Rat Easily Wriggles Toilets

See How A Rat Easily Wriggles Toilets

| On 15, Sep 2015

Rats have been a problem for people around the world.

They will destroy your things out, causes sickness and many more. What’s unbelievable is that they can go to places that is also least expected.

One of those places are toilet bowls… Really, they can go in there.

National Geographic Channel explains how rats easily wriggles through the small openings of the pipes and toilet bowls.

The documentary explained that a rat is a great body acrobat. It can easily pass through a hole once it fitted its head because it has a flexible ribs that will easily give way into a restricted opening.

Dealing with water is not also a problem for such creatures, the NatGeo explained. Its strong back legs can easily paddle through the water with their front legs steer. Their tails also help.

More? Surprisingly, rats can stay afloat maneuvering without minimal rest for three days. They can also hold their breath fro more than three minutes.


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