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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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Roommates Buy Used Couch, Find $40k in Cash

Roommates Buy Used Couch, Find $40k in Cash

| On 16, May 2014

For the apartment, they would be sharing, three New York college roommates bought an old couch for $20 but discovered nearly $41,000 stashed inside.
The roommates found envelopes containing money hidden under the couch’s lumps. With all the screaming, the neighbors thought the young people just won the lottery.

But the person who turned out to be the luckiest was the 91-year-old widow who owned the money. Her family donated the couch to the Salvation Army when she became ill.

One of the envelopes bore the widow’s name and the students called her the next day. The woman said, ” I have a lot of money in that couch and I really needed it.”

Before calling the old woman, the students wrestled with the idea of returning the money but they later realized they could not keep it.

The old widow cried in gratitude and gave the three young people $1,000 for their good deed.


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