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Philippines Daily | February 25, 2018

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Robin Padilla’s Aunt Loses Millions In Home Robbery

Robin Padilla’s Aunt Loses Millions In Home Robbery

| On 01, Jul 2017

The aunt of Robin Padilla was heartbroken because the people she treated like her family stabbed her in her back.

90-year-old Pilar Padilla-Brooks never knew that her housemaid, Jennifer Palomo, will rob her with millions in her home in Quezon City.

Padilla-Brooks, the aunt of veteran actor Robin Padilla, was in United States when the 33-year-old Palomo did the crime.

Padilla and the other housemaids Julie Ann Acienda and Lony Espenilla, reported that two armed men forced their way into the house and ransacked it.

However, the CCTV of the nearby house told the police another story. Then, Acienda and Espenilla admitted the truth noting that Palomo coerced the crime. The truth was then revealed.

Noel Avila, 34, the partner of Palomo and the former driver of Padilla-Brooks, allegedly teamed up with Judy Sendrome, 34, to steal a vault from the widow’s home while she was in vacation last month. The pieces of jewelries inside were pawned by Palomo.

Palomo also admitted that she hired Paul Michael Restoro, 36, the brother-in-law of Espenilla, for P20,000 to do the fake house robbery. A certain Jean Anthony Cabrera was also arrested after the stolen vault was recovered in his house in Gaya-gaya, Bulacan.

Palomo was able to forge the signature of Padilla-Brooks and transferred the title of properties to her name. She also withdrew from the lady’s bank account.

Palomo will be facing qualified theft and robbery.

In an interview with GMA News, Padilla-Brooks showed disappointment. She was also heartbroken because she knew Palomo since she was a kid because she is the daughter of her former helper.


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