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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Road Rage: Woman Vs MMDA Officials; She's Not Wearing Helmet

Road Rage: Woman Vs MMDA Officials; She’s Not Wearing Helmet

| On 11, Feb 2018

A video wherein a woman was seen asking for a fight with MMDA officials is now going viral.

The video, which was uploaded by Gadget Addict, showed a woman berating and trying to grab the cellphone of one of the MMDA personnel because he was taking a video. She came to a point of almost hitting the officials.

She doesn’t want to stop despite her boyfriend was already pacifying her.

The two were first apprehended for not wearing helmets. She became abusive and accused one official of laughing at her. The officials issued a ticket and gave the name of the official that she had a problem with.

Later, they were again apprehended for the same violation. She said that she bought food that’s why. Then, things were escalated quickly.

Abusive Rider

This video might not be suitable for young children due to bad language and a little violence.

Thank you to JV for sharing this video and for keeping his composure while being attacked by this girl.

Back Story:

– This motorcycle was originally stopped on road 3 for not wearing helmet.

– The lady became abusive and complained that she thinks one of the enforcers is laughing at her.

– They explained the complaints process to her and gave her the name of the enforcer that she thinks is laughing.

– They issued a ticket and moved on, because she’s cursing at them. There’s no value in trying to talk with someone when they’re acting like that.

The Video:

About 15 minutes after the first ticket, they came across the same motorbike on Visayas Avenue and noticed the girl still isn’t wearing her helmet.

Why isn’t she wearing her helmet? – ”Eh may binili kaming ulam (at sa helmet nilagay)”

Posted by Gadget Addict on Saturday, February 10, 2018


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