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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Road Rage: Man Destroy's Car Window

Road Rage: Man Destroy’s Car Window

| On 18, Oct 2017

Netizen Cai Cabanalan uploaded a video and several photos showing a man bullying the poor taxi driver.

Cabanalan said the driver of the gray Innova with plate number ACS 1486 blocked the way of the taxi that they flagged. The driver then went down already furious. He circled around as if he was looking for an unlocked door.

When he found no opening, he kicked the window of the driver several times, obviously trying to break it. When he failed, he picked a block and used it to break the window. That’s the time with Cabanalan and her companions alighted the vehicle.

The wife of the driver also went down to calm him down. They blazed away as if nothing happened. The poor driver was left with a broken window, wounded hand, and a broken spirit.

Cabanalan and her companion didn’t leave the taxi driver and even accompanied him to the police station.


Eto yung si kuya oh, Daig pa naka droga!!!! hayop

Posted by Cai Cabanalan on Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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