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Philippines Daily | January 23, 2018

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Road Bully Caught On Camera By Lee Jes

Road Bully Caught On Camera By Lee Jes

| On 20, May 2017

Lee Jes posted pictures and a video of fuming man in a road rage.

Jes, her husband, nanny, and daughter were driving when a plate-less red car chased them as if the driver was picking a fight with them. Her husband stood and confront the man.

The man, who is identified as Gibson Alquero, 33-year-old from Sampaloc, was angry at them probably because he felt that her husband didn’t give him a way. He used to go back and forth his car and looked like he was picking something.

The companion, who tried to stop Alquero, used to apologize to them. The couple decided to just call the police.

In the police station, Alquero, who, unfortunately, an Uber driver, didn’t stop with his rude behavior. He used to brag that his relatives are police officers and he is a member of a gang. He also used to ask the couple where they live.

Para sa nag tatanggol sa lalakeng to na walang ibang pino point out kundi ung ingay ko sorry ha. I was not tact during…

Posted by Lee Jes on Thursday, May 18, 2017

After the post of Lee went viral, a man sent her a private message noting that he and his wife were also victims of Alquero. He picked a fight with them after their vehicles met. He even followed them to their house with a gun.

Posted by Lee Jes on Friday, May 19, 2017


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