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Philippines Daily | February 24, 2018

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Raymart Reveals “True” Story Behind Bruised Pictures

Raymart Reveals “True” Story Behind Bruised Pictures

| On 23, Jul 2014

Over the weekend, several photos of Claudine Barretto surfaced showing some bruises on her face.

This was after her legal counsel, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio uploaded some pictures of his client with bruises that were later covered by make-up.

Topacio captioned the some of the photos “battered Claudine.”

However, the camp of Claudine’s former husband Raymart Santiago had a different story to tell. ABS-CBN received pictures via e-mail from the camp of Santiago admitting that the bruises were real, but are not inflicted by someone, but because of a surgery.

The pictures was along with a statement that reads:

“Here is the truthful version of the recent Twitter post of a make-up tutorial to conceal bruises, perhaps even wounds and scars, with the allusion of the subject having been battered. The wounds and scars are definitely real, but how they were sustained is a different story altogether.”





The unedited captions of the photo reads: “Battered wife?!? Seriously…?!? …Amidst these happy faces…?!?! …Who would believe such a lie?? …About one happy battered wife…???”

The last photo submitted by the camp of Santiago showed the close up of Barretto’s face, which was captioned: “Before applying make-up, first make sure that the wounds from the post-surgical procedure have healed so the bandage can be safely removed.”


Santiago’s camp also claimed that the finished product that was tweeted by Topacio was dated way back 2010 before the guesting of Barretto for the talk show “Showbiz Central.”

Last week, Barretto showed a series of photos showing some scars, wounds and cigarette burns on her thighs noting that she already accepted that she is a battered wife.

According to Dr. Acel Chicano, wound care specialist of Barretto the marks on the actress’ thighs are hyperpigmented, meaning that wound were inflicted a long time ago.

Despite Barretto never mentioned who inflicted the wounds, she said the details are on the case she filed in relation to the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act of 2004.

In June, Barretto posted a picture showing her and her former husband with their kids noting that both camps reached an agreement about their children.

Barretto, however said last week that she is planning to back out from the agreement and will file another legal complaint against Santiago for “economical abuse” for his unwillingness to fulfill his financial obligations.


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