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Philippines Daily | January 24, 2018

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QC School Releases GMC, Krisel Can't Enroll Yet

QC School Releases GMC, Krisel Can’t Enroll Yet

| On 01, Aug 2015

The Santo Nino Parochial School (SNPS) on Thursday, finally gave in the order of the Court of Appeals (CA) and released the good moral character (GMC) of Krisel Mallari.

However, the school said, none can dictate what they will write on the certificate.

“We will not defy the court in so far as the order of issuing a certificate of good moral character but the court cannot dictate what are we going to state in the certificate,” said SNPS lawyer, Maritonie Renee Resureccion.

A day after the CA issued an order to release the GMC, Mallari went to the SNPS along with Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), Persida Rueda Acosta, to get the certificate needed to successfully enroll at University of Sto. Thomas (UST). However, they failed.

The school reasoned that they haven’t received the order from the appellate court.

Acosta said she will file a motion to cite the SNPS officials in contempt.

Resurrection said the school has yet to receive the contempt case. But, the officials are looking at it as an opportunity to air the school’s side.

Fate in UST’s Hand

On Friday morning, Mallari went to UST in order to submit the GMC, which is also a certificate for the scholarship program. However, according to Acosta, she was informed that UST council will still have to meet to decide on the matter.

“She (Mallari) is still not enrolled. She was told by UST council will decide on her case on Tuesday because she missed the July 15 extension,” said Acosta. “She is being deprived [the opportunity] to enter the school on time. She will miss the orientation on Monday.”


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