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Philippines Daily | November 24, 2017

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QC Police Who Owns Colorun Jeepney Threatens 'We'll Both End Up Dead' If Officials Will Tow His Vehicles

QC Police Who Owns Colorun Jeepney Threatens ‘We’ll Both End Up Dead’ If Officials Will Tow His Vehicles

| On 13, Sep 2017

A police officer from Quezon City was caught on video using his powers to obstruct traffic officials from enforcing the law.

Edison Bong Nebrija, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) operations supervisor, posted a video showing a scene where they were apprehending a man who was driving a jeepney without a franchise along Quezon City Circle.

Senior Police Officer 2 Ariel Aguilar of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Traffic Sector 6 was listening to the conversation.

When Nebrija decided that he and his company will just tow the jeepney, Aguilar moved and it turned out that he is the operator of the said vehicle and the man is his nephew.

Nebrija explained that they were just implementing the law and if they have complaints about their actions, they can file it before the Traffic Adjudication Board.

Aguilar then threatened that if the MMDA officials will continue, both of them will end up dead.

Nebrija also said he was offered to just pay the impounding fees at the scene and then later calling the officials “carnappers.”

Nebrija said this is actually the 4th colorum vehicle that they impounded that are owned by Aguilar. It also came into their knowledge that there are 20-25 colorum jeepneys that he is trying to protect.

As of September 12, Aguilar was relieved from his post and was demoted to sentinel duty at the gate of Camp Karingal in QC.


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