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Philippines Daily | February 22, 2018

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QC Fiscal Shot Dead

QC Fiscal Shot Dead

| On 11, Jan 2017

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) is looking for the suspects in the killing of a fiscal in Quezon City.

According to Senior Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, the chief of QCPD, on Wednesday morning, prosecutor Noel Mingoa of the Quezon City Hall of Justice was walking while talking on the phone along Old Balara, Commonwealth Avenue when a black car stopped in front of him.

Then, a man alighted the vehicle and shot Mingoa. He immediately went back to the vehicle that revved away. A witness told the authorities that four gunshots were heard.

According to the initial investigation, none remembered the plate number of the vehicle used in the crime. There were more than 14 empty bullet shells found at the crime scene.

The investigation is still ongoing. The authorities are still determining the motives of the killing.



  1. rico

    Noel was a corrupt prosecutor , he gave my friend a hard time so my friend had to give him grease money.we do not need prosecutors luke hin so he is better off dead

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