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Philippines Daily | January 19, 2018

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PLDT To Spend 11 Billion To Improve Services

PLDT To Spend 11 Billion To Improve Services

| On 07, Nov 2017

The PLDT proudly announced that it will be spending P11 billion in the next two years in order to improve its services.

Marco Borlongan, PLDT first vice president and head of Home Business said the budget is for the rollout of the Fibr ports across the country, which will also include the upgrading of the DSL user to Fibr.

“We are leveling up their broadband experience with the migration of our DSL customers to Fibr-fast connectivity,” said Borlongan.

“This year, we’ve been rolling out fiber-to-the-home network nationwide and we’ve also teamed up with world-renowned content platforms and providers to ensure that our subscribers get the best possible home entertainment experience,” Borlongan added.

As of the current, most of the PLDT users are using copper wire technology.

PLDT said the company’s internet improved based on a third party’s test, which is definitely an answer to internet tycoon, Jack Ma’s comment in the slow connection in the country.

Philippines has one of the slowest and most expensive internet connection in the world, with only an average speed of 3.6 Mbps.


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