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Philippines Daily | February 18, 2018

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Philippines Emerging as Shipbuilding Hub of the World

Philippines Emerging as Shipbuilding Hub of the World

| On 24, Oct 2014

With the help of a Japanese and South Korean firms, the Philippines is now emerging as top shipbuilders in the world.

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of Japan’s Tsuneishi Holdings in Hiroshima Prefecture has teamed up with local companies to operate a large dock on the west coast of Cebu Island to produce world-class ships.

Because of this, Philippine surpassed other countries, mostly from Europe as top producers of ships. It is now the fourth biggest in the world just behind China, South Korea and Japan.

The shipyard takes up 1.47 million square meters, about three times the size of the company’s shipyard in Japan and offers 450-meter dock for building vessels. It also have employed 13,000 people, mostly are locals that were supervised by Japanese experts who are aimed in transferring the knowledge, expertise and technology to the local counterparts.

The U.S. research company IHS said in 2013, the Philippine shipbuilders constructed a total of about 1.33 million tons of ships, 50.8% of which was built by the THI.

Meanwhile, South Korean firm Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction made 48.9% of the total ship manufactured in the Philippines for the year 2013. It makes ships in Subic Shipyard in Luzon on a roughly 2.3 million-sq.-meter site. Mostly of the employees are also locals.

Meaning that most of the ships produced by the country is either made by THI and Hanjin.

The question is when will the Philippines produce large ships without any help?


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