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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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Pepe Smith Vows To Sing Again

Pepe Smith Vows To Sing Again

| On 11, Dec 2017

Last month, rock icon Pepe Smith was hospitalized after suffering his third stroke.

Pepe Smith, 69, was rushed to the Metro Antipolo Hospital and then was transferred to the hospital’s Acute Stroke Unit on November 15.

Now, he recovered and vowed that he will sing again.

In an interview with Korina Sanchez that was aired on Sunday, Pepe, speaking with slurred speech, admitted that he didn’t listen to his doctors about staying away from his vices prior to his stroke. But now, for the sake of his fans, he’s a changed man.

“Come hell or high water I will. I will get it back,” said Smith when asked by Korina if he will go back into performing.

Pepe showed the people around a fist as if he was challenging them when Korina joked that they were laughing when he said he is changed.

Queenie Smith, the daughter, wished her father some good luck, in trying to go back to the department he really loves.

Pepe said he was surprised that younger generations knew him and he is quite thankful for that.


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