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Philippines Daily | January 20, 2018

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PBB Housemates Says No To Nude Painting

PBB Housemates Says No To Nude Painting

| On 05, Jun 2014

As part of weekly task of “Pinoy Big Brother: All In,” some house will go on challenges where they can say “no.”

Such decline is only limited to three and running out of it means failing the weekly task. One sure punishment for failing the task is that there is no weekly budget.

The first person to hit the “no” button was Nichole Barranda who was challenged to eat a silk worm.

Jayme Jalandoni, a professional nurse, was initially asked by “Kuya” to go on a nude painting. Given with sometime to decide, she consulted her fellow Born Again Christian housemate, Michele Gumabao and later model Daniel Matsunaga, who gave her the idea that it is for “art and not lust.”

Later Jayme picked Michele, Daniel, and the seaman Ranty Fortento to join her with the challenge. When “Kuya” assured them of no harms with the challenges, all four of them initially expressed of giving in. However, “Kuya” gave sometime to think about the challenge.

Later Jayme was called by “Kuya” to listen to a recorder of her father asking her not to hesitate to say “no,” citing one of the Ten Commandments — “Honor Your Father and Your Mother.”

When called back, Jayme explained about the recorder noting that even if the world turns their back on her as long as she please God, it’s ok for her. She added that she wanted to respect her father. Soon, all four housemates decided not to pursue.

The housemates now only has one “no” for the weekly task. Will they be able to win? Find out in “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.


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