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Philippines Daily | January 22, 2018

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P12 Million Lotto Winning Unclaimed Due to Ironed Ticket

P12 Million Lotto Winning Unclaimed Due to Ironed Ticket

| On 10, Oct 2014

A winning lotto ticket is now being threatened to be disregarded after it was burnt, ABS-CBN News reported.

Antonio Failon Mendoza, a former OFW, said his combination 09, 21, 31, 36, 40 and 41 gave him a fortune of his life. He just won P12,391,600 during the October 2 draw with his dreams of giving his family a great life is coming into life.

However, he recalled that his grandchild was able to steal the winning ticket from him resulting to a crumpled coupon and since PCSO had been reminding the people of a screwed coupon can result into forfeiting, one family members ironed it. The winning paper is now burnt.

Mr. Mendoza still went to the office of PCSO to claim his price. However, the machine was unable to scan the ticket.

The PCSO confirmed that the winning lotto ticket came from the outlet where Mr. Mendoza bought his coupon.  But, the agency maintained its policy “No Ticket, No Payment” as the only thing that can verify if someone won or not is the machine.

“[We have rules like ] ‘No Ticket, No Payment’. Pangalawa naman kung may ticket ka kailangan eh readable ” said Ferdinand Rojas III, the acting chief of PCSO. “Yung nangyari naman dito sa ating claimant hindi nabasa nung ating machine.”

Rojas added that every time someone hit the jackpot tons of people use to appear in their office to claim their prizes with larger percentage of them are fraud.

Rojas said PCSO is not closing the doors for Mendoza. He said that the company should have to wait for a year and if none claimed the prize carrying the clear winning ticket, it might do some adjustments in order to help him prove that he is indeed the winner.


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