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Philippines Daily | February 20, 2018

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No, He Didn't: Drunk Principal Defecates In Front Of Students

No, He Didn’t: Drunk Principal Defecates In Front Of Students

| On 07, Oct 2017

A principal from Springfield, Ohio is now under fire for being drunk in school and defecating in front of shocked students and school personnel.

Andrew Whitemore, 53, the principal at the Franklin Middle School was arrested by the police for appearing drunk in school. He also put his pants down and defecated in the ground where students witnessed.

According to one student, he ranted about Trump before doing his deed. His embarrassment didn’t finish there, he also lost his balance and fell on his own dirt.

“He dropped down his pants and everybody was shocked, but then he started to crap on the grass, fell down and started puking all over himself. It was truly disturbing,” said the student who is visibly disgusted.

Whitemore later admitted he was drunk last night. He also smoked crystal meth. He also noted that he blacked out and can’t remember what happened.

“He said the situation with Donald Trump and the national anthem had really pissed him off and that he didn’t remember doing the things he had done,” said Deputy Sheriff Tom Hannity.

“He allegedly had a blackout and does not remember defecating in front of the whole school,” Hannity added.

Last June, Mr. Whitemore also made local news when he uploaded a faceless video of himself masturbating while ranting about Donald Trump. He later removed it and reasoned his Facebook account was hacked.


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